How Did Gregor's Metamorphosis Affect The Samssa Family

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The Samsa family has suffered a number of great losses: the loss of their dear Gregor, a loss of dignity, and--most importantly--a loss of money. Gregor’s metamorphosis into a monstrous vermin had a lot of immediate and temporary effects on the Samsa family, while it had little to no long-term effects. Overall, emotionally, Gregor’s transformation didn’t have any lasting effects on any of the other Samsas. In the first weeks of the change, Gregor’s family members were all significantly distraught about the turning of their loved one. However, they all soon concluded their grieving; in fact, in the end, every one of the Samsas--including Gregor--was angry at the creature that he had become. Eventually, the family stopped caring for him and…show more content…
Grete was spoiled and never really had any responsibilities; her whole life was simply sitting around and practicing the violin--she didn’t really have any value. Her brother’s metamorphosis changed her into a working, independent women who spoke her mind and took control of what happened to her. This transformation started in part one, when she was forced to care for her brother because no one else would. She started helping the other members in her family and eventually started standing up for what she wanted--as seen in paragraph seventeen of part three. While Gregor’s transformation taught his sister to be more independent, his parents were still looking for someone to do everything for them. Mr. and Mrs.Samsa had to work for the time that Gregor still lived at their home; however, once Gregor passed away, the two were no longer obligated to keep their jobs. Instead, they planned on going out and finding a “good man for [Grete]” (paragraph thirty-eight of part three). Assumptively, this meant that Mr. and Mrs.Samsa planned on finding a well-providing man who they can live with and be looked after by--and Grete was perfectly fine with their “new dreams and good intentions” (paragraph thirty-eight of part

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