Was World War I A Catalyst For Social Change In Canada?

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To what extent was WWI a catalyst for social change in Canada? Introduction World War I was undoubtedly a significant event in Canadian History. July 28 of 1914 was the day that Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, marking the beginning of World War I. At that time, this war was known to be the “war to end all wars” (Wilson). The root causes of this war have been debated heavily, but ultimately was a global conflict involving thirty-two nations worldwide. There were twenty-eight nations who were allied powers, who's principle belligerents: France, Italy, Serbia, The British Empire, Russia, and the United States of America. They were pitted against the Central Powers: Germany, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary, as well as the Ottoman Empire. On the 1st of August, Germany declared war on Russia,…show more content…
France was then invaded the following day. The violation of the Belgian neutrality by the Germans gave the British a reason to enter the war on the side of Russia and France. Another two days after, Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia, and six days subsequent to this, Great Britain and France declared war on Austria-Hungary (Bourne 1). Formerly, Canada was simply a self-governing colony of Great Britain. Thus, when Great Britain went to war during the summer of 1914, Canada was pulled into the conflict. Canada was quite involved in World War I. At Britain’s request, they supplied troops to strengthen the Western Front. As a result, World War One had brought a huge social impact on Canada. Despite the negative consequences World War One left Canada initially, it

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