Comparing Marriage In The Yellow Wallpaper And The Story Of An Hour

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The idea of marriage and what was considered an ideal union has drastically evolved. Marriage now a day has only become an option in our civilization it’s no longer a social requirement, neither a priority for a female or male to get marry. In “The Yellow Wallpaper” Charlotte Perkins Gilman illustrates a controlling and dysfunctional relationship this comes hand by hand with “The Story of an Hour” where Kate Chopin also reveals a dysfunctional and unhappy marriage. When paired together, both pieces of writing portrait the other side of marriage and it’s shown as incarceration and loss of freedom. Also both writing take place in the nineteenth century a time period when marriage was consider the right thing to do and both stories are told by…show more content…
Therefore many women were repress and thought there was no way of ending the marriage and they were trap in it, and the only way out without being penalize by society was the death of the partner or their own death and this was what happen in the case of “The Story of an Hour” where the main character feels a great joy when finding out her husband has pass away. “Free! Body and soul free!”(61) this shows that she no longer feels trap in the marriage once she thinks he is dead. On the other hand, “The Yellow Wallpaper” shows a bit of death due to her isolation in the nurturing room she feels dead. This death is not a literal death is more of a loss of identity that’s kills her inside and makes her drives crazy. Both story experience death but in different…show more content…
In the “The Yellow Wallpaper” she drives herself insane while trying to scape her own prison and connecting with women she hallucinates that is trap in the wallpaper that she tries to free but even when she is loosing her sanity she still don’t want to society reasons to think she is crazy as she mentions the reason why she does not try to scape through the window is so they don’t think she is crazy. However, the main character in “The Story of an Hour” loss her life but ended up freeing herself from her marriage when she finally saw that he was alive she dies because of her weak heart and when she realize she did not really gain her freedom. Next, one thing they do the same is that they are pretty much along while fighting there battle against repression and

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