How To Write A Personal Narrative Essay

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I come from a housewife mother and a businessman father. I am the first among my parents, grandparents and siblings to earn a bachelor's degree and attend graduate school. Even though my parents are not educated, they tried to teach me and my sister the value of education. They were trying to find the resources and motivation to make education a priority in our life. Being born in Iran and moving to the United States of America at the age of 26, my goal always has been and will always be to educate myself and create a better world for me and my community. I was born in an Armenian-Christian family in Iran. Throughout much of my early teen years, I did not understand my family's situation in Iran. As a Christian family, we had faced constant discrimination. At some point of my life, I saw my father so disappointed with our situation in Iran. He was not satisfied with his career and his standing in the community. He struggled against the weight of his own disappointments. He was always teaching me to do something meaningful in my life; he has driven me to search for a meaning in my life.…show more content…
I had some challenges after my graduation and during my college years in Iran. The academic environment is very different for women in Iran compared to the United States. Women do not feel accepted and supported from universities and other professional settings. I have faced many issues because of cultural and religious barriers in Iran during those years. As a Christian person who was living in Iran, I was recognized as a minority and was faced constant discrimination. Freedom of religion is not possible in Iran. The spread of any religion other than Islam is forbidden and members are harassed in different ways. Despite of these issues, I was working and studying hard to achieve my

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