How To Have Dinner With Walter Mitty

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Dinner With Walter Mitty In the book “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” By James Thurber, Walter is the Main Character. He is not your average person in the fact that he is always daydreaming and loses track of what he is doing. Walter isn’t that smart when it comes to doing stuff on his own. For example he could not fix the chain when it fell off of his bike. Mitty’s wife is a bit bossy and is always telling Walter to do stuff. With that being said, I would not want to have dinner with Walter Mitty. For example, Walter doesn't have a job so he would be boring to talk about what he does as an everyday profession. With that being said he probably doesn't have much hobbies besides for daydreaming. Which that would be awkward considering that I have a lot of hobbies.…show more content…
If you told him an interesting story like your friend getting attacked by a shark, he would most likely start daydreaming about a similar story and would act it out. That would be pretty funny! Not only that but Walter getting yelled at by his wife for doing nothing would be quite amusing! That might be rude but for me when someone in my family gets in trouble I find it quite funny! That to me would be one of the plus in having Walter Mitty over for dinner. Back to the subject, Walter Mitty is not the best choice for a dinner night. Mitty would not listen at all. For one he is constantly daydreaming. Which means that he is thinking what he wants and not listening to you. His wife would be always yelling at him for not doing what she asked earlier, spacing out etc. In that case his wife would somewhat scare me in the fact that she is mean. Walter could have forgotten to take care of a fish or an animal that he may have and remembered about it and got up to take care of it. The last reason is that I’m a boring talker when it comes to someone not being one of my buddy’s. I would forget what to say and somewhat like him space
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