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Role Model but Not a Feminist She was forbidden to bury her own family member, but bravery got the best of her. Antigone had to deal with a man’s rule in the play ‘Antigone’. After Antigone’s brothers Etocles and Polyneices fought to their deaths, their uncle Creon had taken the title of being king. Creon said it was not allowed to bury Polyneices because, he saw him as a tryant for attacking thebes in order to take the crown from his brother Eteocles. Antigone on the other hand believed he deserved a proper burial to be put at peace. Her sister Ismene agreed with Creons law and thought Antigone should not continue with her plan to bury Polyneices. In Sophocles play ‘Antigone’, Antigone is a role model because she stands up for what she wants…show more content…
When Creon finds out someone has buried Polyneices and sentry tells him he saw Antigone do this act, Creon went crazy that not only has someone went against his law but a women did it. He brings her in to ask her if she actually did this. They show her admitting this when she says “I do. I deny nothing’(Sophocles13). This shows her being brave and a good role model because, she was not scared to admit what she did. Antigone knows she went against Creon’s rule. With going against his rule she of course has heard about the consequences for doing this. But she stood up for what she thinks is right. The words “deny nothing” really show how she straight up does not care about Creon’s thoughts or rules about…show more content…
Antigone is telling Ismene her sister about how she wants to bury their brother Polyneices who was forbidden to be buried by the new king Creon. Ismene is telling Antigone to not do this act because of the consequences. But Antigone won’t listen because she wants to give her brother peace. After Ismene tells her about the danger of doing this and rejects the invite for doing it Antigone responds with “perhaps. But I am doing only what I must” (Sophocles,4). That just shows how she is not a feminist because she is not doing this act to show equality for men or women she is doing it for her brother to rest in peace. Antigone does not want her brother to be thrown out like trash. She believes that he deserves to be buried properly no matter what he did. The word “must” means that her family is important and they deserve best. And the word “doing” shows her determination for doing this because she didn’t say she might so it she said she will do it. The second way Antigone shows she is not a feminist is when Antigone tells her sister about her plan to bury their brother that is declined a proper burial. And she invites Ismene to bury him with her but Ismene is telling her how scary the results of burying Polyneices are. Despite what her sister thinks she is still determined to doing this. Ismene is scared of what doing this will result in, so

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