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Travel softball and international politics, two entirely different subjects, are startlingly similar. There are a enormous amount of examples between the two showing their similarities and it’s not just seen between the sport of softball and politics. The list of similarities between these two carries over into nearly every other higher skill level adolescent sporting event, including high school football, baseball, soccer or volleyball. If the similarities between these two topics comes as a surprise, then get involved in a travel league sport and brush up on the inner dynamics of how travel teams function. Additionally, it would also be beneficial to brush up on international affairs and ponder the unspoken dynamics that drives those events…show more content…
When a country sends diplomats to a UN meeting they are there to make their country "shine" and stand out more than other countries. While at the meetings, the diplomats will "gather" and try to talk their country’s way into a position of glory, respect and or power. They utilize this tactic to jockey for a more credibility among their peers. Another great example of politics that is similar to travel softball are the beneficial alliances that are formed at the international level. These alliances can be seen in two ways. First, when diplomats go over to nearby countries who are in need of aid and promise the aid if the other country will become their ally. It could also be when diplomats go over to other countries to create treaties and form alliances within the government of the other country. These alliances are typically not meant for a mutual benefit and are utilized to get "ahead of the game" and make political moves that will strengthen their position in the international community. Another common example of international politics that carry over to travel softball is when different countries have disputes amongst themselves and don’t think that it will end up going their way in the end. When this happens, one of the sides of the dispute will seek outside help by trying to discredit the actions of the other side of the dispute by "slinging mud" in order to bring in countries who chose to initially remain neutral in the

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