How Nyasha Is Affected By Colonialism

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“Look at me now. I was comfortable in England but now I’m a whore with dirty habits.”(Nervous Conditions pg.119) Nyasha is impacted by colonialism because she is forced to be the perfect daughter, she is impacted by her father, and she is affected by everyone else’s expectations. Nyasha has to do things that takes time and dis forced to be that person everyday everywhere by everyone. In the book Nervous Conditions, Nyasha is impacted in a negative by colonialism. The first reason why Nyasha is impacted is because she is forced to be the perfect daughter. In page 119 it says, “It’s not England any more and I ought to adjust. But when you’ve seen different things you want to be sure you’re adjusting to the right thing.” This shows that Nyasha…show more content…
Everyone wants Nyasha to be a good girl and be like her father. The catch is that she tries so hard that in the end she goes crazy and anorexic. In page 193 it says,” She went straight to the bathroom spent a long time there…. I waited in the bedroom I could hear her gagging and choking.” This shows that Nyasha really doesn’t care anymore about what everyone else thinks about her. She went so mad that she smokes and removes food from her body. Her parents aren’t aware that Nyasha smokes and that she makes herself throw up. This shows that she doesn’t really tell anyone what she does and is it is sort of if she taped herself on purpose and she is quiet about what she does. In page 204 it shows how Nyasha became crazy Nyasha talks to herself and thinks out loud. It says, ”They’ve done it to me, she accused, whispering still. Really, they have. And then she became stern. It’s not their fault. They did it to them too. You know they did.” This shows that Nyasha is a little crazy from her head. She is talking about “them” in this case Tambu and Nyasha’s parents don’t know who Nyasha is talking about and they worry about her. In page 205-206 Nyasha’s condition gets really bad that they have to take her to a psychiatrist. The page states, “ Maiguru and I talked to Nyasha constantly all the way, to keep her with us, to prevent her mind from wandering too far. In the city Maiguru’s brother immediately

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