How Martin Luther King Jr. And Rosa Parks Made Heroic Heroes

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Heroic is an adjective that means to have or show great courage (Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary). This dictionary gives the following example: “It was heroic of those women to fight for the right to vote“. Heroic is an adjective, which means presenting extreme courage and being loved by many people. (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary). According to This dictionary, an example for heroic is, “Rescuers made heroic efforts to save the crew.” The synonyms for heroic include: courageous, fearless and bold; on the other hand, there are antonyms such as weak, cowardly and weak ( Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks were both heroic people with inspirational actions. Both these heroes share one goal however both have accomplished…show more content…
and Rosa Parks have a lot of things in common; one of them was stopping discrimination, however they also had differences (Phillips, 2008). Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks were both African Americans and lived in the deep south of the United States where black were discriminated badly. Their main goal was to stop the segregation in the United States; each figure took actions in different ways however both were very successful. Martin Luther King Jr. was motivated after he started university in the North; he noticed how the African Americans were treated so peacefully while in the South they were not; and it is no doubt that the general idea unites Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr., were different by the importance. Rosa Parks was a smaller element in this struggle, was a member of a small local group called NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), and her methods have more local significance, whereas Martin Luther King Jr. raised this issue on the global scale and thus acting by more radical methods. Therefore, the main difference between them was the scale of their operations. King was a leader, and Parks was one of the well-known activists, who contributed with

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