Why Was Absolutism Is Important

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Absolutism has and still does exist in many parts of our daily life. Religion, government and even education have some elements of absolutism. Principles in religon, laws of a government, and concepts of education that remain unchangeable can be defined as absolutism. So when a king has absolute rule over everything, and his rule stays unchangeable throughout his reign, he has become an ideal absolute monarch. Such phenomenon is also called absolutism. The ideal absolute monarch would have control of even the smallest elements of his region, and his power would stay unchangeable and unquestionable. Several kings were known to have absolute power, much like that of an ideal absolute monarch, and are therefore known in history absolute monarchs.…show more content…
He was not exalted by his people, nor did he try to gain or use divine rule as a reason for his absolute control over his region. As a result, his people did not like him. When Hernan Cortes, the Spanish conquistador, imprisoned the emperor to try and control the people, it did not work out as planned . According to the account of Bernal Diaz de Castillo, one of the Spanish conquistadors, the people were angry at their emperor, and they threw rocks and darts until he died . His own people killed him, which shows that the emperor was probably not exalted like one chosen by god. However, in an earlier meeting with Hernan Cortes and his conquistadors, Montezuma had let his “guests” have his throne for some time, and let them live within his palace. Not only that, the people had already believed that the white peoples were gods . When Montezuma invited them to his palace, he had assured his people that the Spanish were the divine beings, and by do so, he lost his divine rights. It is likely that the people thought the god came because he was angry at the chosen one, and it was the god’s turn to rule the people. As the Spanish started to do suspicious things, the people could have gotten angry at both the king and the gods, whom they realized weren’t actually gods. Whatever the reason may be, one fact remains the same: Montezuma did not use his divine rights to his advantage and as a result, he was not in favor of his…show more content…
By inviting his noble friends to live with him in the Versailles, he had given the nobles all they could wish for, and in return, the nobles admired him. Many of the noble historians who wrote books about French history tended to title their books with “Louis XIV”, since so much of French history from 1616-1715 included Louis’s accomplishments, and because of how much glory he had gained in having the Verisalles as his house. Montezuma invited the wrong people. As earlier described, the Spanish easily stole Montezuma’s power from him. Unlike Louis, who arrested anyone who was a threat, but also treated his subservient followers very well, Montezuma invited those who were most likely a threat to his throne as “guests”, and he did not necessarily treat those under him that well. In fact, his subjects, and his people hated his continuous demanding of human sacrifice. The result is that Montezuma is hated by his people and he

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