Pritchard's Speech 'How To Make Filthy Water Drinkable'

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Solution to Water Impurities Lets talk about children... and death. Seems pretty unrelated, right? Well you would be wrong. “Since the time you started reading this statement, another child has died from water related diseases” (Pritchard). And another child will continue to die every ten seconds until something is done about the world’s water crisis. Sure, America's water "isn't so bad". We have all the fresh, clean water you could want. But take a short trip to Africa and drink out of the mud puddle teaming with worms. Then say the water "isn't so bad." Michael Pritchard recognized these problems and chose to take action on them. Through Pritchard's speech on "How to Make Filthy Water Drinkable," Pritchard proves the effectiveness of his invention through his use of facts, emotions, and his visual demonstration. When Pritchard mentions the idea of water being the center of a problem, many people in the audience are doubtful. While in fact, Pritchard is welcoming this skepticism so that he can crush it with the use of his facts. By giving the audience statistics that concern…show more content…
While in reality, the water is never tested to see how well it actually filtered out the wastes. The audience’s shouts of appraisal as clean water shoots out is partly to how Pritchard conveys himself-a strong charismatic man who talks as if he knows what he is doing. However, regardless of whether his filter actually works, overall the arguments point is made, and the speaker’s experiment stays in the audiences mind as a testimony to its real life effectiveness. To this point, one of the viewers of Pritchard’s video mentioned to me the “amazing water bottle” several days after the video was viewed. This shows how effective the speaker was at implanting the memory of his speech into the minds of his

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