The Importance Of Relationships In The Storm By Kate Chopin

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Love relationships are full of happiness and fascination when are recently built, but when time passes on, the relationship starts to change and the joy that used to bless the lovers appears to be gone. Perhaps relationships change because the confidence of one to another begins to be extremely large, or because of lack of communication. Communication and trust are the basis of a relationship; without these two elements, there is nothing to offer, or to receive. When a relationship does not work, it is both lovers’ responsibility. However, when two people agree to accept each other, they also accept the other person’s space. A person’s privacy is not to share with his or her lover, but to remain for him or her. Communication in a…show more content…
Instead of letting the conversation slide, Frances pushed him and received the answer; she knew it would hurt her. Sometimes silence solves problems, instead of talking them out. Talking leads to miscommunication, because human beings always want to know the truth. The lovers were having a good day, and they were happy at that moment, why she had to suspect her happiness? Relationships are different, therefore in “The Storm” by Kate Chopin two couples become three relationships. Calixta and her husband Bobinôt, look like a marriage based and made for their son, Bibi. Calixta had an affair with Alcée Laballière, a person who she had a relationship before. She had the escapade with Alcée an afternoon when Bobinôt and Bibi were not at home. They were to remain in a store until the storm had passed. Calixta was at home, when she saw Alcée passing throw, because the rain was strong, he stood with Calixta. They were together for a while, and felt the passion that they felt once before when they were younger. When the storm passed Alcée left, and at that time her son and husband came back home. She acted as if nothing had happened, and she had a great meal with her

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