Personal Narrative: Fourth Hour Math Class

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It was Friday, September 18th. I was in Mrs. Porkchop’s fourth hour math class. We were doing the same tedious thing as we had the day before. I had already memorized this lesson, infact, I could teach it myself. I had stayed up until one o’clock the previous night and was absolutely beat. I looked around the spiritless classroom to see if anyone else was paying attention to Mrs. Porkchop’s old lesson. Of course, I was the only one. Mica was day dreaming, Shannon was chatting quietly to Cheyenne, and the group of popular kids, Conicka Gothica, JT Peeks, and Alexis DuPre were all texting on their phones. Well, I thought if they haven’t been caught, I won’t be caught snoozing. I looked at the time and decided just five minutes would probably be okay. Besides, there was still an hour until we went to lunch. Then, the sound of Mrs. Porkchop’s monotone slowly lulled me to sleep. I awoke to the sound of large airplanes and booming explosions. I jerked my head up and to my surprise, there was nobody else in the room. In a panic, I jumped out of my seat and looked out the window, hoping that all of my…show more content…
I stared at it for a few seconds and considered running. There’s nothing else to lose I suppose, I thought. So, I hopped into the rocket and held on for the ride. Inside the rocket it smelled as if it had been sitting in the floor for a few millenia. I wrinkled my nose and took a quick glance at the boy on my right. He looked perfectly calm, as if he had done this millions of times before. I took a deep breath as I felt the rocket’s motor rumbling under me. We shot up into the baby blue sky. I gasped and took a death grip on the velvety seat I was sitting on. Once we got out of the stratosphere the boy asked me if I needed a cookie bag. I guess my face was more green than I thought it was. I gladly took the cookie bag and was violently sick into it. Now the already musty rocket smelled even

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