The Monkey's Paw Essay

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In the short story, The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs, he shows plot conflict throughout the story. Plot conflict is the main problem that occurs throughout the story. The author uses plot conflict through, the introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. In the introduction, Jacobs explains his characters and setting. The short story takes place in a tiny parlour in Laburnum villa. Mr. and Mrs. White are an older married couple who live in a farm house that is isolated. Herbert, the son of Mr. and Mrs. White, lives at home with them. He is in his twenty’s. Sergeant Major Morris spent twenty-one years in the British Army in India. While in India, a holy man gave to him a magical monkey’s paw. The last character the author uses in the short story is a Fakir, known throughout India as a holy man or medicine man.…show more content…
The monkey’s paw gives three wishes out, Mr. and Mrs. White want the last three wishes from the monkey’s paw as they asked Morris for them. Morris explained and warned to them how it has only have him mischief after the wishes he used. Morris warns them at least six times to not wish on the monkeys paw, but they wished for 200 pounds anyway. Mrs. White keeps anticipating that she will be getting the 200 pounds during the day when the postman came, but there was no 200 pounds for her. During the same day a tailorman came to her house for a bill when she thought it was the money she wished for, but again it was not. The last time someone came to the house it was a well dressed man, pacing outside in the front lawn of her isolated house. Mrs. White was excited because she knew it would be her 200 pounds. As the man came to the steps, she had a feeling it was bad

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