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In Adam Liptak’s article “’We the People’ Loses Appeal with people Around the World,” he argues that the United States’ Constitution’s global influence is declining. Liptak explains throughout the article how even though much has changed in the United States as a whole, the Constitution has not and is losing its appeal as this country’s founding document. Liptak begins with how in 1987 there was a calculation that stated that out of 170 countries, more than 160 of them had written charters based on the United States version. He them speaks of the drop in constitutional similarities to the United States and other democracies. Over the 1960s and 1970s democratic constitutions were more similar to the United States, only to plummet around the beginning of the 1980s and 1990s.…show more content…
Law, a professor at Washington University, on the topic of a newer and more powerful operating system had said,” nobody wants a copy of Window 3.1.” This may be also applied to constitutions. Liptak mentions an interview in which Justice Ruth Ginburg of the Supreme Court stated that if she were to draft a constitution today she would not look to the United States’ Constitution but would instead would choose a different country’s to look into. Liptak later speaks of how most other countries routinely trade in their constitutions as a whole, replacing them on an average of every nineteen years. Even Thomas Jefferson had said, according to a letter that he wrote in 1789 to James Madison, that it was only natural that a constitution would expire at the end of nineteen

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