How Has Santa Clause Changed

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With the cold, wintery season, the image of Santa in his red suit with white trim pops into mind, but Christmas has not always been thought of in this way. The image of Santa Clause and even his name have changed drastically over the past few hundred years. Santa has had quite a few names and manifold outfits since the fourth century. How Santa came to be, his fame throughout the world, and the ways his image have changed are crucial in shaping the American culture and culture worldwide. The modern legend of Santa Claus is derived from a bishop that lived centuries ago. His name was Nicholas, and he lived in Myra, a Roman town in about 280 A.D. Nicholas was known as the protector of children, sailors, and unmarried women. Legends say that Nicholas once saved three sisters from being sold into prostitution by providing them with a dowry. It has also been told that Saint Nicholas gave secret gifts to deserving children who left their shoes out for coins to be dropped in them. Saint Nicholas also defended the church during the “Great Persecution”, but his name later faded during the Reformation of the Protestant Church.…show more content…
Nicholas was not the only figure small children looked to with joy during the cold winter season. Differing nations have different names and stories for their Santa Claus. In Germany and Switzerland, Kris Kringle was celebrated, the French celebrated Pere Noel, the English celebrated Father Christmas, and the Scandinavians celebrated Elf Jultomten. In Russia and Italy, children wait for two different women to drop presents down their chimneys.Different nations all have modified versions of the original story, in which Saint Nicholas left coins in little children’s shoes, but the modern gift bringer is known as Santa Claus. The birth of Jesus and the celebration of Saint Nicholas both fall in the month of December, so throughout the years, they were combined into the same day, Christmas, where children wake to wonderful presents from

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