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Michaela Brown Mr. Dean US II Honors November 12, 2014 Gilded Age Mark Twain coined the term “Gilded Age” to describe the decades of the late 1800’s. The term gilded age means the time of the wealthy and privileged. Mark Twain characterized American civilization as cheap and flaws at its core. I believe Mark Twain described America this way because of the tragedy of the plain indians, immigration, and the rise of big businesses. Beginning in the 1860’s a conflict arose as the government began to reserve the Plain tribes. Violence first started in 1862 where the Santee Sioux were confined to a few miles of land. Many tribesmen were upset and killed 500 white settlers. The Santee Sioux were referred to as maniacs or wild beast and people who…show more content…
By 1886 there was a network of railroads all over the United States. New inventions made traveling easier and safer. During this time, many had ideas on how to eliminate competition which was to drive competitors out of business (Eben_Cooke) They drove other business away using rebate. The big businesses were hurting local businesses and making them earn less profit. Big businesses also made it hard for farmers. New machines helped farmers produce more but made the price of their profit decrease(Eben_Cooke). Farmers owed lots of money to the bank and were unable to pay their…show more content…
Immigrants from European countries were considered second class citizens and that it was clear in the workplace (Boundless). Immigrants received extremely low wages and no benefits. It was common for a worker to get hurt at work and if unable to perform the job was fired (Collin/ Boundless). Immigrants lived in small apartments that sheltered 15-29 immigrants into one. There were 7-8 people to a room and each person didn't have a bed and slept on the floor. The Chinese Exclusion Act restricted Chinese people from coming to America from 1880 to1943. This was the first case of immigrants being denied of coming to America. Immigrants came to America to be economically stable and for a better life. Mark Twain described the Gilded Age as cheap and flawed at its core. Twain characterized America this way because of the corrupt government and expansion of american population. He satirized the way America was and how the government ran the

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