How Effective Was Shi Huangdi An Effective Ruler?

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There have been many leaders in our world’s history and that’s a fact. However, one thing that is debated about these rulers is whether they were good and effective or bad and ineffective. One of these rulers is Shi Huangdi. He came into power in 220 B.C. of the Qin Dynasty, and he died in 210 B.C., but he left a massive impact on china. He was a great ruler and though some people did not realize it at the time he was one of the most effective rulers of all time. Shi Huangdi was an effective leader because of his way of ruling, accomplishments, and impact. Many people believe that his way of ruling is what brought Shi Huangdi to the stage. He believed that the emperor should rule by force and have the right to do whatever he wanted to whoever displeased him. It was also his belief that people were naturally evil and therefore, that ignorant people were easier to control than educated ones. He taxed his people heavily, although the…show more content…
He led a unified China, unlike the previous states that existed. He kept his empire strong by using a (sometimes) harsh legalist government, that consisted of harsh punishments and a strong central government. He kept the ruling house hereditary (he passed his leadership to his son) and all the officials would change in rank based on their loyalty to Shi Huangdi. People who obeyed the emperor and did not disagree with his philosophy of ruling lived quite happily under his rule. Shi Huangdi died in 210 B.C., but his legacy lived on. He called himself “the first emperor of China” and set the stage for the leaders that followed. His dynasty, however, did not remain strong after his death. His son proved to be a weak ruler and the empire fell to rebellions only 4 years after his death. Despite this, his followers continued Shi Huangdi’s projects, for example the Sui and Han dynasties completed the Great Wall of

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