Who Is The Antagonist In Soldier's Home

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Soldier’s Home “Soldier’s Home” is an incredible short story written by Ernest Hemingway. Harold Krebs went off to war in 1917 from a Methodist college in Kansas. It is not until two years later, in the summer of 1919, when Harold Krebs returns to the United States. Krebs had returned back to his home town Oklahoma much too late, the greetings of soldiers were over. During this time Krebs wanted to be heard and talk about the war, but no one wanted to listen. It would seem like, Krebs would want to start a new life being at home from the war; however, he spends his days sleeping in late and hanging around the house. Krebs experiences in the war affected his view on life, and he has trouble getting out of the war mindset; the war caused him to have trouble pursuing relationships with women, his sister, and mother. While Krebs was away, the army taught him several things about women. Krebs was told that he did not need a girl. However many men claimed that they could not live…show more content…
Helen is Krebs’s favorite sister. Being in the war, Krebs never has to maintain relationships with anyone and this is evident upon returning home. However, his sister does not put up with his mind game. Helen wants the love and support from her bother, she wants him to be at her game, but Krebs is too stuck in his ways. He does not understand how much he means to his sister until she says to Krebs, “Do you love me always?” Krebs says, “Sure.” She replies with, “will you come over and watch me play indoor?” Krebs apathetically shrugs, “Maybe.” She whines, “Aw, Hare, you don’t love me if you loved me, you’d want to come over and watch me play indoor” (page 169). Helen is trying to tell her brother that if he says he loves her and cares about her, then he will actually put in the work and show her that. And if he does not put in the work to maintain a relationship, that means he does not

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