How Does Walpole Influence The Government

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Walpole’s greatest contribution to Whig Supremacy was his control of government patronage. Whether in the House of Lords or in the House of Commons, Walpole realized that Crown patronage could bring political influence. Because of his multiple senior positions and political powers, he could control a lot of government patronage, which was used to establish his political group of supporters. One source of members of the Parliament was the Court. Walpole not only gave benefits to his supporters in Court through control of patronage, but also persuaded the king to reward his supporters and to accept Whig candidates he proposed. In addition, Walpole also held the Church patronage. The Church not only was a religious institution, but also had an important function to shape people’s viewpoints and played a role in the Parliament. The Church of England used to be influenced by the Tories. Through control of Church patronage, Walpole was able to extend the Whig influence in the Church. With the help of the Edmund Gibson, he promoted and rewarded nine Whig churchmen. Therefore, through the Walpole’s control of patronage, the Whigs had a great influence in both Court and Church.…show more content…
Walpole established the political influence in Scotland with the assistance of the Earl of Islay, who controlled the Crown patronage in Scotland. Moreover, Walpole persuaded the King to appoint his reliable colleagues to important positions in Ireland, so that they could build a submissive Irish Parliament. In this way, Walpole not only helped the Whigs extend political influence in the Scotland and Ireland, but also helped the Whigs win the electorate in the Scotland and

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