Theme Of Cruelty In Frankenstein

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To be considered a monster, one has to have monstrous characteristic like thoughts of murder, the lack of ability to control emotions, and seriously hurting other. In the novel the desire to be accepted by the human race creates negative emotions for the creature. The creature tries numerous times to reveal himself to humans but his plans always failed because of the human’s negative reactions towards him. Seeing the creature and his monstrous features invoked fear in the humans, they felt they need to protect their families and in protecting their family the humans negatively pushed the creature away through harsh words and physically abusing him. The creature grows angry after being attacked and makes up in his mind this is the last…show more content…
I could with pleasure have destroyed the cottage and it’s inhabitants, and have glutted my self with their shrieks and misery.” This is the first expression of the creature being considered a monster. This is monstrous because he has thoughts of rage and revenge: destroying the cottage would give him pleasure and the sounds of their misery would have filled him with satisfaction. This is monstrous thinking because the creature is considering seriously hurting others by inflicting harm on them and his emotions are selfish and out of control. He considers satisfying his own hurt but hurting others, he has no control over what is right and what is wrong. The idea of the creature causing physical harm to others is shown through the text , “I declared everlasting war against the species, and more than all, against him who had formed me and sent me forth to this insupportable misery.” The creature has declared there shall never be any peace with the human race, especially for his creator Victor Frankenstein. The humans and the Frankensteins are the creatures enemies because he identifies them as the source of his misery. His earlier desire to reveal himself and connect with the human race is meet with rejection…show more content…
The wind fanned the fire, and the cottage was quickly enveloped by the flames, which clung to and licked in with their forked and destroying tongues.” This is the creature reaction to the cottagers leaving a banding him. This makes him a monster because he destroys something that truly doesn’t belong to him. The creature reacts with his emotion and not with his head making him a monster. When The creature says “ I vowed eternal hatred and vengeance to all mankind.” This shows he is done being nice; he plans on hurting all of mankind. What makes this monstrous is he plans on hurting innocent people who have not done anything personal to him. Which is seeking revenge? In the text it states “Frankenstein! you belong then to my enemy- to him towards whom I have sworn eternal revenge; you shall be my first victim. The child still struggled, and loaded me with epithets which carried despair to my heart; I grasped his throat to silence him, and in a moment he lay dead at my feet.” The creature becomes more like a monster because he feels rejected. His monstrous appearance is the least of his monstrous traits, it is his feelings of rejection, anger and loneliness that are his monstrous traits. An unattractive or deform person can be a compassionate person if they don't treat others with the same negative response that they receive. It is when the creature decides to

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