The Wire Fence Symbolism Essay

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A brief short story that consists of a married couple, and the main character is the wife. Her name is Elisa Allen, and she feels frustrated with her present life. Her husband does not admire her as a woman romantically, and she is not able to have kids. The author, John Steinbeck used symbolism to develop his theme. The order of development of the symbolism directing into the theme is, the chrysanthemums, which they symbolize Elisa’s children. The fence that symbolizes the protection of the chrysanthemums. Also, the Salinas Valley symbolizes her unstable emotional life. The author uses these symbolic elements to develop the theme, which is Elisa underestimated as a woman. Steinbeck used the chrysanthemums to symbolize Eliza’s children. As a mother, she…show more content…
As Steinbeck states in paragraph 9, the purpose of the wire fence was to protect the blooms from cattle and dogs and chickens. Henry leans over the wire fence, he does not enter (Steinbeck 243). When Elisa was speaking to the tinker, and by him showing interest into the blooms Elisa lets him inside the wire fence (Steinbeck 246). She is really irritated by his persistence: " 'I'm sorry,' Elisa said irritably, “I haven't anything for you to do,'" but as soon as he asks about the blooms the "irritation and resistance melted" from her face (Steinbeck 245). As the tinker cons his way or another into the yard, and increases her trust, she doesn't hesitate to express her femininity through discussing her blossoms. The thinker, used the blooms as a weapon to enter her into her sensitive side as a woman, and fool her of showing interest into the blooms. Also, the thinker got the outcome of fixing the pots to make money. Also, Elisa was fooled by thinking there was someone interested in her blooms, by giving the thinker the trust of giving him the flowers and on her way to the restaurant towards the end of the story, she knows the flowers were thrown on

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