How Does Racism Affect A Person's Judgment In To Kill A Mockingbird

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People to people, people to blacks, blacks to blacks; this essay is about how racism affects a person’s judgment just because of skin color. I wrote this because I wanted to show what racism does, how it affects whites, as well as blacks. Racism in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird affects the events in the novel by making it up, racism ties into most of what happens in this book and each event sets off the next. Anger is transmitted, passed down along with feeling such as resentment and negativity. Children get certain feelings from being around their parents, how they deal with people, ideas, and events, they take their parent’s feelings as their own. This is how it has been for centuries, children get it from their parents and them from theirs going back and back and back. It is not always outright hatred sometime it is general dislike or a hint of resentment or a feeling of slight superiority. Most feel this way so when someone feels different it isn’t always accepted so people treat them as if they are a disgrace especial for one to help a black. They mock and speak badly about them because they are not like everyone else. Neighbors, family, even friends turn their backs on them. Francis is an example he not only got the negativity from his grandmother but took it on as his own and spoke badly about Atticus. (Francis) “If Uncle…show more content…
(Mr. Finch) “Why did you run?” (Tom) “Mr. Finch, if you was a nigger like me. You’d be scared, too.” Blacks knowledge of such things show us how they have been affected, it shows us it has happened so much the are aware of what will happened before it has to happen. The separate themselves and feel it evil or wrong to bring a white into their world. Harper lee shows this with Luna, showing how she sees it and showing us what she believes, and that cal had no business bringing white children to a black

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