Summary: The Global Water Crisis And The Right To Water By Maude Barlow

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In Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water by Maude Barlow, Maude Barlow describes the upcoming concerns about freshwater scarcity on our planet. In this book Barlow presents many facts that would make any human living on this planet concerned about the future when it comes to freshwater and its availability. She explains that around 80& of China's rivers have become running sewers, also 75% of India's rivers have become mostly sewage. She also explains that hospital beds are filling up rapidly because waterborne diseases caused by the toxic rivers. Barlow shows that we are running out of freshwater because of industrial agriculture, increasing population, and improper water management. Private companies are trying to gain control of freshwater which in the future will bring increase profits as the fight over freshwater becomes more dire.…show more content…
Barlow also talks about studies that other scientists have done concerning the scarcity of freshwater for our planet. This information is very valuable to anyone that has read this book because it truly shows the path that we are heading down and how we can stop it. Barlow explains that we have to control our sewage problem before we can even start to worry about our short supply of freshwater. Barlow clarifies that desalination today does more harm than good because it creates 20 billion liters of waste worldwide every day, which should be a big eye opener for people that think we can live of the desalination process. Other alarming facts that are presented in this book is the US west is the driest it has ever been in 500 years and also groundwater supplies are sinking very rapidly. Groundwater is decreasing so rapidly that we are tapping into dinosaur-era

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