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Declan Wasp English IV: 01 Mr. Otton Mystery Essay When one thinks about the Roanoke colony the 1st thing that comes to mind is the mysterious extinction of the colony. The mystery of that extinction is still left unanswered. For this reason the colonies disappearance is famous and well known as the “lost colony”. Mystery and unanswered questions appeal to readers. Mystery is a tease, its pushes us to the edges of our seats and makes us beg for more. As human beings when we are left unanswered we are constantly asking more questions. That is exactly what mystery does. It causes us to frequently ask questions about the mystery that is involved in the story. The debate of the Roanoke colony is mysterious. English settlers founded the Roanoke colony in 1585. Sent by Queen Elizabeth I, they came to the New World in an attempt to establish a permanent settlement. Sir Humphrey Gilbert came and settled in nowadays North Carolina, Dare County. This colony is known as “the lost colony”. For this reason it is famous. Its mysterious end caused lots of controversy. To this day there is no conclusive evidence to the end of the colony.…show more content…
The first conclusion came from the neighboring colony of Jamestown. They believed the Pohawtan Indian tribe wiped them out in the late 1500’s. According to the tribe leader, Wahunsunacock, he personally wiped out the lost colony. The information was sent to England and by 1609 the English believed the Pohawtan’s were the cause to the end of the colony. Another accepted reason was a plague that took out the whole colony in a matter of a year. Being isolated there was no contact to outside colonies so they were all eventually killed. Being on an Island the plague was contained and mysteriously disappeared. Either way the end to the colony was a tragedy and all the men, women and children were killed and forgotten

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