A Primate's Memoir Summary

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A Primate’s Memoir A Neuroscientist’s Unconventional Life Among the Baboons “A Primate’s Memoir” written by Robert M. Sapolsky, embodies his twenty-one year journey following a troop of Baboons in Kenya, Africa. Throughout his journey, he collected a tremendous amount of data and first-hand experiences. The information and experiences gained from the journey supported the author’s research in Baboons and how stress influences their daily lives. Although it seems that twenty-one years is a long time, and studying the baboons may be arduous, Sapolsky’s experiences of learning about the baboon troop and living in Africa, proved to be an experience he would never forget. When Sapolsky first arrives in Africa, he talks about his time learning…show more content…
As mentioned earlier the estrus would swell and a pheromone would be released that would enticed the males and this would all occur during the time for mating season to begin. The female baboons would try to shove their rear end into the faces of the male baboons or they would try to show off their rear ends by doing different posing. All of these efforts were for getting the attention of the male baboons (Sapolsky, 2001: 19). All attempts made by the females were successful albeit, it may have taken some time and a little more effort for some of the other female baboons. Much like our human society, females and males alike trying to vie for the affections of another, definitely not showing of estrus lie the baboons, but for woman they apply make-up, fancy clothes, they do their hair, mostly for the attention of men. In some cases that is for their own benefit, but related to the similarities between baboons and humans, woman take time to prepare themselves for such things as getting a person’s interest. For males they do the same as females with making themselves look good as well, by keeping themselves maintained by going to the gym, getting regular haircuts, wearing nice attire while going out. Some of this stuff is very stereotypical, but it is true for a lot of males and females. Although the baboons have an easier life with not having to wearing makeup, or worry about your financial need to support your family, baboons still undergo stress just like we

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