Francois-Marie De Voltaire's 'Candide'

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Candide, written by Francois-Marie De Voltaire, is a story about the journey of a man named Candide and his ongoing search for happiness and love. Candide was raised with an education from his castle, which would lead one to believe that he was a wise and sophisticated human being. However, this was not the case because Candide was taught under the philosophy of Master Pangloss, who believed that “everything is for the best” and that everything happens for a reason. Throughout his journey, Candide was very naïve to believe that this philosophy was the greatest way to learn when in reality, nothing is the best. During Candide’s search for love and happiness, he encounters many obstacles that are objects of evil. Although Candide encounters things where he has the opportunity to engage in acts of…show more content…
Candide fell in love with Cunegonde, who was the younger daughter of Baron, and ended up getting caught kissing her. The Baron kicked Candide out from the castle because of the incident. During his journey after being kicked out of the castle, Candide gets lashed and belittled but still believes in what Master Pangloss preaches: “everything is for the best”. After a near death experience of being lashed by the Bulgars and then the people of Lisbon, Candide luckily falls into the hands of an old woman who then brings him back to his beloved Cunegonde. Candide, being blinded by Master Pangloss's philosophy, does not take into consideration that he is just getting lucky. After being reunited with Cunegonde, Candide learns that the Bulgars had murdered his beloved Cunegonde’s family and that she had been raped, captured by a captain, and then sold. During the reuniting of Cunegonde and Candide, Cunegonde’s owners arrive and Candide kills both of them. Candide, Cunegonde, and the old woman have to flee and jump aboard a ship headed towards South America, to the lands of Beunos

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