How Does Macbeth Change The Future

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Sometimes knowledge of the future changes the future. Shakespeare uses his tragic play Macbeth to show the effects that knowledge of the future has on humans. Macbeth, who was a relatively good man before hearing the prophecies, turns to treacherous acts because of them. Because of the knowledge Lady Macbeth gains from the prophecies, she uses her influence to manipulate those around her. Additionally, Banquo has trouble trusting those around him after hearing the prophecy. The role of the witches in Macbeth is to modify normal human behavior, which they do by spreading ambition, confidence, and fear. Because of the predictions made by the witches, Macbeth is filled with ambition. Now that Macbeth has the knowledge that he may one day be king, he finds himself plotting his rise to the throne and…show more content…
Lady Macbeth after hearing of the prophecy is confident that her plan to kill Duncan will work because she now believes that “fate and metaphysical aid doth seem/ To have [Macbeth] crowned” (1.5.32-3). The prophecy brings her faith that her plan will work because she now believes that Macbeth is destined to have the crown. When Macbeth is told that ten thousand soldiers are marching towards his castle, he says that he “cannot taint with fear” (5.3.3) until Birnam woods moves. This knowledge of the prophecy has made him overconfident, which one may say leads to his defeat. His confidence that he can not be defeated is so great that he has no problem fighting Macduff, whom he was warned about because he does not think he “must not yield/ To one born of woman” (5.8.15-6). The prophecy has taken away the caution that it is necessary to live with in order to keep safe. This lack of caution results in Macbeth’s death. If Macbeth and Lady Macbeth did not hear the witches’ prophecies they would not have had the confidence to perform these
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