How Does Lord Of The Flies Represent Democracy

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In the book Lord of the Flies written by William Golding there are male children aging from six to twelve that were stranded on an island after their plane went down into the ocean. There are two different characters, Jack and Ralph which represent two types of government, totalitarianism and democracy. Ralph’s is represented by democracy. Jacks group is represented by totalitarianism. Golding’s opinion of whose group was best is shown as favoring Ralphs . In the beginning of Lord of the Flies, Ralph was voted as leader. After Ralph had been leader, Jack decided that he would start his own group on the mountain. He asked anyone if they would like to join him, most did. Jack represents a totalitarian leader in the time of the cold war.…show more content…
Jack ordered with an iron fist, he told people what to do and they did it. On pages 159 and 160, Jack gets mad and orders his group to tie up a boy named Wilfred. While he is tied up for hours, Jack just sits there and giggles. Jack beats Wilfred and then continues like nothing happened. In Russia if you did not do what the government demanded, you were punished. Jack went one step farther and beat people without having a reason that was ever said. On page 198 Ralph says, “Under the thicker, the earth was vibrating very slightly; or perhaps there was a sound beneath the obvious thunder of the fire and scribbled ululations that was too low to hear.” This shows us that Jack has set the whole forest on fire to run Ralph out of the woods to hurt or kill him. Jack takes the definition of total power and goes wild with it, he will do anything to hurt Ralph even if that means destroying his home and killing all of his food. In the cold war there was

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