Personal Narrative: My Life As An Immigrant

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This month I complete my 8 years in Canada. Yes, I landed as an immigrant with my family on November 30, 2008, from Point Pedro, Sri Lanka.As an Immigrant, moving to another country can be a challenge and an enormous change to leave your country, family and friends to live in another country surrounded by strangers.Once, I was an immigrant too and it was difficult for me to adjust to the canadian lifestyle with different cultures,weather and languages.But leaving my home for a country filled with multiple opportunities and a brighter future for my family and I, made me realize It wasn't such a daunting process as it seemed.Moving to Canada is a country filled with oppturtines but can be a challenge too. Canada is a very immigrant friendly…show more content…
Communication is an esssential skill to have in your life.It is how we get to know each other, give infornmation and transfer a meassage to someone else.For a country like Canada that communicates in its two offical languages o such as, French and English, it is essential for an immgrant to develop one of these two language depending in which provice your planning to inhabit.Developing language skills can ssit you when getting a job, going to school, accesing services, helping your children with school work, getting your candian citizenship, meeting and interacting with people.Take steps to improve your language skills while you are still in your home country.To find immgrant services for free language training sponsered by goverment you…show more content…
The best option for getting a job is arranged employment where it is easily accessible and guarantee to support your living upon the arrival to Canada.Also working can develop your Canadian working experience and communication skills.To work in Canada you must have a Social Insurance Number(SIN) card which you can apply as soon as you come to Canada.You should contact the appropriateregulatory body before you arrive to find out about their academic credential assessment process.When job searching you should consider getting information about working in Canada, apply for job, build resume by working as a volunteer and look for briding programs associated to your

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