Innocence In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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Typically a child is seen as innocent in most novels. That is not the case in Lord of the Flies by William Golding. A plane full of British schoolboys crashes onto an unknown island in the Pacific ocean. Finding ways to survive is their only hope to stay alive. Though it is hard to keep civil, eventually their humanity is lost and violence breaks lose. The boys lose their innocence by being challenged by the will to survive. The boys had never had to kill anything, but to survive that must change. Jack gave his input to the group that they must “catch things…[before] they [catch] us”(30). Having never had to catch and kill anything to survive the boys must bring out their inner savage. Jack and the choir boys are the hunters of the group and must teach themselves what it takes to kill another living being. Jack tells the boys that “this’ll be a real hunt!...”(100).With the violence they must do takes them farther and farther away from their innocence.…show more content…
They then elect a leader to help them strive to survive. Tensions grew between Ralph and Jack about being the alpha in the group. As time went by the boys starting to drift apart. Jack and the hunters were the only way that the group would have meat to eat instead of fruit which was slowly destroying their stomachs. A chant soon arose from the hunter boys they were screaming “kill the pig, cut his throat!..”(114). Their violence grew and grew every hunt, soon enough the boys were pure killing machines with no mercy. In one of the last hunts “Roger ran [around] the [sow] prodding with his spear whenever [the] pig flesh appeared” (135). It was at this moment that they boys had lost their
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