How Did The Aztecs Continue To Rule

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The Aztec Empire was conquered in 1520 A.D.. This conquering altered the empire throughout history. The conquistadors, or better known as the "top dogs" of the Spanish Conquest of America triumphed over the Aztec Empire in the 1500's. A tremendous amount of violence, killing, and spreading of diseases such as measles, and small pox occurred during the vanquish of the Aztecs of Mexico. Due to Hernán Cortés and the conquistadors, the Aztecs would have remained in rule if Cortés had not conquered the Aztec Empire. The Aztecs would have continued to rule because of the their power and wealth, the absence of the conquistadors expedition to Mexico, and the diseases spread from the conquistadors to the Aztecs. The Aztecs were one of the most powerful empires of its day and age. As for the…show more content…
This era is commonly known as the Postclassic period that was present from 900 C.E.-1521 C.E and is the period in which the conquistadors conquered the Aztec Empire in Mexico from 1519 C.E.-1521 C.E.. As slaves of the now non-existent Toltecs, the Aztecs power commenced starting in 1150 C.E. when the Toltec Empire collapsed. Moreover the city of ancient Tentochtitlan, Mexico was the capital and were the roots of the Aztec Empire, near Lake Texcoco. Tentochtitlan was one of the biggest and most successful cities in the Pre-Columbian American time period. Their power began to grow as well, when settlers of city-states formed a new alliance. The Tepanecs of Tiacopan, and the Alcohaus of Texcoco formed the Aztec Triple Alliance, or the new Aztec Empire. Over time they had many famous rulers, and became

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