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“Moonlight Serenade” was one of many of Glenn Miller’s top songs, another one of his top songs is called “In The Mood”. Glenn Miller tried very hard to make a successful career in the music industry . The Glenn Miller Orchestra is the band that help him reach popularity. He had another band called The Glenn Miller Army Air Force band, that helped him also with his success during the War. Glenn Miller’s family moved a lot when he was younger. He was born in Iowa on March first 1904 but then moved to Nebraska, then on to Missouri and then to Fort Michigan, Colorado. He has a younger brother named Herb Miller,and a older brother named Deane Miller which makes Glenn the middle child. Glenn grew up with music as well as his brothers. Glenn’s mother gave him the horn and played it but then switched to the trombone quickly, he was in the town band at the age of 14. Later on in his life he married a lady named Helen Burger. They adopted two children one girl named Joannie Dee Miller and boy named Steve Miller. But sadly Glenn could never see his his daughter because he was at war.…show more content…
Then he requested to be in the Army Air Force, and he was accepted in 1942. During his time in the Army Air Force he organized The Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band. Glenn Miller said concerning about his band “I haven’t got a great jazz band, and I don’t want one.” . This band performed over 800 performances and had many top hits including “Moonlight Serenade”, “In the Mood”,” Little Brown Jug” and “Chattanooga Choo Choo”. Glenn Miller and his band brought a positive effect to American people. Still today when people hear Glenn’s music they are reminded of World War two, and the sad memories it brings with

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