How Did Rosa Parks Show Courage And Civil Rights

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Living in Montgomery, Alabama during the 1940 to 1950 everyone was aware of the racism toward the African American individuals. African American’s were separated from the rest of the townspeople and were not given the same opportunities and were not treated fairly. For example, on buses, the front and most of the bus was for the white people and the very back was for the black individuals. However, if there was not enough seats for a white person on the bus, an African american would have to give up their seat and stand for the rest of the bus ride. And Rosa Parks did the exact opposite. When there wasn't enough seats for the a white man and Rosa was expected to get up and give him her seat, she refused. “In fact,” She wrote, “ If I had let myself think too deeply about what might happen to me, I would have gotten off the bus.” For her to refuse took a lot of courage that had…show more content…
She had to look past all the fear she might have had and what she knew was right. Rosa also had the virtue prudence because she knew that not standing up was the right thing to do. She knew that by not moving for the white man would benefit not only her but the whole black community, it would benefit every slave that suffers everyday and give everyone the fair lives they deserve. Another virtue she had was justice, Rosa believed in a fair life for everyone and knew nothing would stop her until her dream and goal is achieved. She also displayed all of the Theological virtues, the first one was faith, for Rosa to make a difference she had to put all her trust and God and herself. She had to think is this what God would have wanted, is this what He would have done, to insure herself that very decision she made was

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