How Did Roman Architecture Impact Society

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Roman Architecture and Engineering are the greatest impact on today's society. Rome was a very big Empire. It had a lot of money since the Empire kept on expanding. The expansion stopped because the Romans couldn't keep up with the growth they started decreasing meaning losing a lot of people and eventually the Roman Empire ended since there was no longer an emperor they also ended up losing a lot of there money. "Rome fell but it's legacy lived on." It lived on by the Romans leaving behind Roman Art, Architecture and Engineering, Roman Language and Writing, and Roman Philosophy, Law, and Citizenship. From all of the legacies that I listed I think that the one that has more impact on Rome is the Roman Architecture because of its domes in buildings like the pantheon, the aqueducts, and the coliseum being improved to be stadiums.…show more content…
Is an improved one from the dome in the pantheon in my perspective. This is a great impact because I think there's a high chance that the Romans influenced the U.S. To do the domes in Washington, D.C. This fact is explaining how it said on the book because the pantheon had a huge dome that nobody had attempted before because of its size and the Romans had done it. We see is in the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C. Aqueducts have impacted today's society by instead of having to carry water to your house there are these bridges that are supported from tall columns, those were the aqueducts back then. Now they, meaning the world, have improved aqueducts by now having running water that goes through pipes ditches, canals, and tunnels. The fact that I used explains my claim because aqueducts took up a lot of space and instead of that we now have ditches, canals, pipes and tunnels for the running water to get to our home. There are still aqueducts used today in Segovia,
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