Holden Caulfield Character Analysis Essay

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I have come into contact with a really complex individual who cannot comprehend that life implies change; beautiful moments can not last forever. He presents himself as extremely troubled and confused, yet worth digging into and understanding why he functions the way the does. Holden Caulfield is his name. The accumulations of situations and people encountered throughout his lifetime have created Holden Caulfield and impacted his life. Holden is a sixteen years old boy with a woefully lean body stretched along six and a half inches in just one year, making him a striking six feet and two inches. His head is overwhelmed with pumpkin orange hair that has been invaded by platinum gray weeds known as gray hairs. A usual picture of him involves a cancer stick balanced between his lips and two nicotine stained fingers; featuring his mouth ejecting puffs of smoke intertwined with almost…show more content…
For example, becoming a catcher in the rye is his goal; his desire involved saving children from losing their innocence. He desires possession of a world where marshmallow clouds of white and aqua blue skies exist, with girls and boys dancing or playing around, laughing, on meadow grass rustling and swaying in the gentle breeze all united by innocence and purity. Holden's finest trait includes his high intelligence. Though expulsion acts as his companion at every school he attends, he possesses high intellect, but it is overshadowed by carelessness. Throughout the novel he encounters a different variety of people, from a prostitute to his childhood crush. During those encounters, he usually makes quick but truthful judgments of them. He sizes people up by their by the clothes they wear, facial expressions, by the way they talk, by their body language. Boatloads of children have grasped the ability of seeing through adults, and Holden is still somewhat of a

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