How Did Progressives Make Life Better For Workers

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During Industrialization, many factories were made and most had really horrible working conditions that included child labor. Industrialization in America brought conflict and stress between businesses. Some business owners took advantage of workers, if a worker approached someone of these conditions such as low wages, unsafe working conditions and long hours, they would face a decision that had forced them to work through the harsh environment in order to make a living or would be fired. Workers who were tired could not make mistakes, some jobs have mines that are unstable and steel furnaces that constantly threaten life resulting in death of serious injuries. “Even still, some accidents proved beyond human control; in these cases, a company…show more content…
“The Progressive Era was a difficult time to be a worker. While Progressives did try to make working conditions better for laborers, their efforts only yielded mixed results”(_____) In a family, a daughter begin working in odd jobs or childcare before the age of 15 to also help provide. Boys at and before the age of 12 had to get jobs crawling into coal mines to get loose chunks of coal; families could not make a living with just the parents with jobs. Progressives became more apparent to help people who were less fortunate, especially white, middle-class social and political reformers. Most progressives believed that the problems that people face were "poverty, poor health, violence, greed, racism, and class warfare"(___) and could be fixed by providing an honest government, safer environment and good education. Despite them trying to improve life and expanding democracy, “Most progressives remained unconcerned about the struggle of African Americans… African Americans were inspired by the ideals of progressivism and sought to imply them to improving their own status in American society.”(____) At the time when political rights and social privileges, African American women and men endured lynching, disfranchisement and Jim Crow

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