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It is believed that the Enlightenment put mankind on the path to a better future by paving the road to natural rights and a better overall society. During the medieval times, there was not much art, literature, or ideas that were expressed publicly. However, everything changed after the Renaissance period when people started to incorporate Enlightenment ideas into their lives and governments. During the Enlightenment and Revolution, ideals were expressed through literature and art, a new social order was spread across Europe and the Americas, and changes in cultural attitudes were represented. Now that art and literature were being shared more and more, many of the Enlightenment ideas were being spread through these works. Enlightenment ideas…show more content…
By this time, there were social classes in different nations. For example, in Great Britain they had an upper class, middle class, and the peasants and workers. The upper class was treated much better than the lower classes and this caused some social unrest. The peasants and workers especially weren’t happy. Paintings like Jean-Honoré’s The Shepherdess portrayed an inaccurate display of their social status and attitude. Women during this time period were also treated very poorly in comparison to men. In Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman she points out how women are being treated differently than men and how men should act around women. According to Wollstonecraft, women were kept from being independent because they were being led by strings and taught to be fair, virtuous, and told to have passion for their own insipid persons. She suggested a new social order in which men treated women differently. She suggested that men should treat women respectfully with truth and soberness and not with false, lulling endearment. The Enlightenment ideas that have been expressed have actually made a huge impact on how life is today and the social order of today’s world. It would also affect attitudes towards certain cultural

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