Comparing The Gods And Mortals In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Gods and Mortals The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the earliest works of world literature. In the poem the divine each play different roles such as gods of love, war, birth and death. The gods are the reason for all the adventures Gilgamesh goes on, they create Enkidu to balance Gilgamesh and fix his arrogant and tyrannical behavior as a king When their adventures get too out of hand the gods decide to end Enkidu’s life which sends Gilgamesh on a spiritual journey to find immortality. The gods and mortals have a perilous relationship, as the gods are constantly interfering with the mortals’ lives. Although the gods are supposed to be mentors and protectors of the mortals; however, some only cause struggle and tragedy. The goddess of love and war, Ishtar, attempts to kill Gilgamesh and harms the people of…show more content…
When Anu says what Gilgamesh said about Ishtar was in fact true, she throws a tantrum and threatens to do worse if she is not given the Bull of Heaven,“If you don’t give me the Bull of Heaven, I’ll its foundation, I’ll raise up the dead to devour the living, The dead shall outnumber the living” (Tablet VI, lines 93-96). Ishtar’s selfishness leads her to put an entire population at risk just to get what she wants, which is Gilgamesh dead. Even sending the Bull of Heaven will cause struggle in the future for the people of Uruk by bringing famine. Anu gives in to Ishtar’s threats and allows her to release the bull on the city of Uruk, “...a pit opened up, one hundred young men of Uruk fell into it” (Tablet VI, lines 114-115). The bull instantly caused tragedy by devastating the land and taking the people’s lives. Ishtar did not have a problem with this because she was focused on getting revenge on Gilgamesh. Ishtar will not have to deal with these struggles afterwards so she does not care about the amount of damage the Bull of Heaven causes. This act shows how self-centered and uncompassionate some devine could

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