Dennis O Rourke's Cannibal Tours

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“Cannibal Tours” is a documentary directed by: Dennis O’Rourke in 1988. It was a documentary based on rich tourist exposing “global tourism” as they traveled to the Sepik River in New Papua Guiana. These tourists were mainly Europeans traveling through the different villages with camcorders to capture memories with the natives. They were communicating with natives and trying to get a sense of their culture and there ways of living in pure nature. Although the Europeans couldn’t understand the basic lifestyle of the primitives. The Europeans wanted to expand their ways of living, and through time enforce their lifestyles on the primitives as they felt they were better than them. The natives lived a genuine simple life, and majority of them were…show more content…
In the documentary there is an elder male native who informs us of the colonial time where the Germans entreated to make the primitives civilized, and changed their entire lifestyles in common to the European culture and ways of living. One of the male native states in film, “When the tourists come to our village, we are friendly towards them,” "They like to see all the things in the village. We accept them here"(Cannibal Tours, O'Rourke). As watching this scene I felt as if the natives had no control over the tourist coming into their land. It has become a repeated norm to them for years. The villager/natives just didn’t understand why the Europeans took photos of them, and why they found their lifestyles so amusing. One of the main key point constantly stressed in this film is the struggle westerner face in getting a sense of the once upon a time primitive society that now prevails in an alternation. I personally feel that the tourist had too much…show more content…
Ethnocentrism is the belief of an individual who assumes and makes judgments on someone else culture, and portrays their culture as superior to others. The Europeans play a role of ethnocentric individuals in the film as they are concerned of the native’s language, behaviors, customs and religion. They believe that their civilized and are giving the people of Sepik civilization through the experience of tourism, as if their doing them a favor. Secondly, Cultural Relativism as well plays a role in the film, as the Europeans are making judgments on the behaviors of native, because they lack intellectual awareness and education to understand the lifestyle of the Europeans. An example I would imply is the scene in the movie where a tourist introduces perfume/cologne to a male native, as the male native starts rubbing it all over his face the tourist is giggling, the native is so fascinated with this new item. I found that rubbish because I feel that tourism in a way was humiliating the native and their lack of civilization, as it became a key point for the tourist to constantly refer

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