How Did Isaac Newton Contribute To The Renaissance

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JOURNAL FIVE The renaissance period is considered as an era within Europe during the 14th to the 16th century, and is referred to as the bridge between Middle Ages and Modern history. Primarily, the renaissance was known as a rebirth of the Classical Greco-Roman culture. It is said that “the renaissance started as a cultural movement in Italy and later spread to the rest of Europe” (Casini 1995). Its intellectual basis was humanism, derived from the rediscovery of Classical Greek philosophy. Humanist thinkers however, were in favour of human-cantered subjects such as politics and history over the study of natural philosophy or applied mathematics. Therefore, although the renaissance started with humanism as its intellectual basis, its influence…show more content…
Newton preferred to read advanced ideas of modern philosophers such as Descartes and astronomers such as Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler. Newton made brilliant and important discoveries regarding light and colour. He continued his studies of mathematics and invented calculus, which he then used to describe the motion of objects. Finally, and perhaps most significant of all, Newton developed a mathematical equation describing gravity. The quotation made by Alexander Pope could therefore be agreed upon, when he stated in an epitaph for Newton “Nature and Nature’s laws lay hid in night, God said let Newton be and all was light”. It could therefore be stated that the renaissance period embraced the enrichment of human life as it could be afforded by personal wealth. Renaissance thinkers had a much more positive view of humanity and its capabilities than the view embraced by the predominant thinkers of the middle Ages. Through the emergence of this period and its many advancements, inventions and discovery, a lot of questions have been answered, thus making life more comfortable. Nevertheless, the renaissance period was seen as making a huge impact through its contribution to the greater

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