How Did Howard Hughes Get Taxes

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The Man Who Evaded Taxes In the words of Howard Hughes, “Every man has his price, or a man like me wouldn’t exist.” This quote explain Howard Hughes’s attitude and how he felt about people and his money. Howard Hughes was born on December 24, 1905 in Houston Texas. At the age of sixteen Hughes mother died, just two years after that his father passed away (Bio.). He was left in charge of the companies and his father’s fortune. As he grew up he had new passions and did new things like movies, aviation and much more, he also started some new companies of his own (Rosenberg). Hughes was always cautious about his money, so in 1953 he did something great but for the wrong reasons, he made the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Howard Hughes, trying to evade taxes,…show more content…
Howard Hughes could not focus on school and often changed. He would rather tinker with stuff to learn rather than sitting down in a classroom. Once his mother did not allow him to have a motorcycle, so he went and built a motor and attached it to his bike. At the age of 16 his mother died, and just two years later his father passed away. Howard Hughes got seventy five percent of his father billions and the rest of the family got twenty five percent. Recently after his parents passed away Howard Hughes fought with his family over how to run the Hughes Tool Company. Hughes took this case to court to be granted all ownership of the Hughes Tool Company. At nineteen Hughes was the sole owner of Hughes Tool company (Rosenberg). Hughes liked being the owner of the Hughes Tool Company, but he also wanted to do more. “I want to be the best pilot in the world, the best movie producer in the world, the best golfer in the world and the world’s richest man. I would also like to be happily married”-Howard Hughes. Hughes told this to Noah Dietrich, His chief executive, when he was 21 years old. Hughes dreams

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