Flashback In The Crucible

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The section that is narrated by Addie Bundren, the mother of the Burden Family that recently died, is placed towards the middle of the novel and is a flashback that does not directly relate to the family’s adventure of transporting her body to Jefferson In the previous chapter, Cora Tull has a flashback in which she is talking to Addie about God and God’s judgement on people who sin. Addie claims that even if she has sinned, Jewel “is [her] cross and he will be [her] salvation” (168). After Cora realizes that Addie wouldn't change her mind, she decides to pray for her. The next chapter narrated by Addie jumps back in time to talk about her experiences as a teacher. Addie shows that she hates her students and says that she truly enjoyed…show more content…
When the switch fell I could feel it upon my flesh;when it welted and ridged it was my blood that ran, and I would think with each blow of the switch: Now you are aware of me!” (170). At first, it is a little vague who the “they” are, but it becomes slightly clearer that she is referring to the students that she teaches. Addie demonstrates that she she waited for students to make mistakes just so that she could “whip” them. Moreover, she claims that she “could feel it upon [her] flesh,” which could mean that although she is the one whipping her students she enjoys feeling the pain that they are probably feeling. This could imply that Addie has some level of a twisted empathy for her students and children. Since she feels the pain that she is giving her students, she must have some sort of connection to them but she also enjoys feeling the pain suggesting that, although she feels, she does not feel bad.. Addie also says that “it was [her] blood that ran,” which could also imply that her blood also rushes from the excitement of punishing her students. This whole moment shows a different side of Addie that isn't shown anywhere else in the story. Addie uses violence and assertion of her dominance to show her power and make sure that the students “are aware of [her]” (170). Since there are no other interactions present between Addie and her own children, this gives the sense that Addie did not like children very

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