Personal Narrative: Growing Up In Rural Saskatchewan

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Growing up in rural Saskatchewan has influenced my choices and attitude. I am a white, heterosexual female, which places me in the majority group for my area. Being non-religious in a heavily religious community is difficult. I face the struggles of being in a minority because I am non-religious. I have grown up in a rural Saskatchewan, either on a farm or a small town. I had the privilege of living the majority of my life on a farm. Experiencing farming and the agriculture industry has influenced my career path by majoring in Agribusiness. The hard work ethic my parents have has rubbed off on me. My parents were raised in an open minded way, and they raised me with the same attitude. Therefore I am open minded. Living in rural Saskatchewan,…show more content…
I was not raised in a religious household. Not being religious in a small town can be tough. Generally religious people are the majority, and the minority are the non-religious. I was part of the minority for once, and it was not a good feeling. I felt often felt excluded from kids my age who went to church. Now that I have grown up, I no longer feel excluded or feel like I am missing out. Not being religious had me a strong person, in my opinion. I was raised with good morals and I do not need religion to live life to the fullest. I am thankful for not being raised in a religious home because it gave me more freedom to choose if I wanted to be religious or not when I was old enough. This was the only aspect where I considered myself to be the minority in the…show more content…
I fit in with the community because I am just like everyone else. Being part of the majority has made me oblivious to the difficulties someone faces being in minority. Although I am in the majority I am still very accepting of those in the minority. Being in the majority group of the community has not altered my attitude that everyone should be treated fairly regardless of their race, sexuality, gender, or religion. Being part of the majority has not turned me into a narrow minded person. My experiences with living in a small town have been positive. I will definitely choose to live in a small town rather than a city because of my experiences. In the small town that I live in, I’ve never felt at a disadvantage for being female. Throughout my high school years, teachers supported and helped students to pursue their dreams regardless of gender. Being a girl in high school is an advantage. In my school girls were typically the ones who put effort into school, whereas boys did not care. This allowed girls to be on the teacher’s good side. Teachers would be more willing to help the girls who put more effort in. Being a girl in high school has benefited me for the future. High school has instilled a drive to succeed and work hard for what I

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