Bordering On Excellence Teaching Tool Analysis

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Through completing this activity, I learned about the Bordering on Excellence teaching tool. Using this tool helps to meet the needs of twice-exceptional learners in both the regular and gifted classrooms. I liked that the articles covered how to meet both the gifted needs of the students, as well as accommodating for their learning disability. It covered how to get a child to think critically, even when they may not be able to write complete sentences. The most usefully part, as a busy educator, was that the tool allowed the teacher to modify lessons quickly without having to do a lot of research or dig through books to find adequate accommodations. When completing this activity, I realized that I do not make enough accommodations for twice-exceptional learners.…show more content…
However, I typically expect these students to succeed with the exact same lessons, materials, and supports as all my other students. I also realized that my school does not meet the needs of twice-exceptional learners. I think this is because we do not have a common tool in place that all teachers are expected to use to meet the needs of their diverse learners. I think the Bordering on Excellence tool would be a good one to put in place in my district because it requires little time, is research-based, incorporates assistive technology, and accommodates for instructional materials, teaching methods, and assessment methods. By giving more than thirty ways to accommodate twice-exceptional learners in each subject area, this tool ensures that the accommodations are well thought out and well

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