Three Exceptional Battles In Beowulf

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Beowulf is a strong, brave warrior. Fate always seems to be in his hands when it comes to fighting. He does many things to help other countries or his own country. There are three exceptional battles that Beowulf completes during his life. He fights Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and a dragon to protect his country. Going through each battle you will be able to recognize his bravery throughout the epic poem. The first major battle Beowulf kills Grendel the great monster. Grendel had been haunting the Danes for 12 years. He killed any person in the Herot hall and sorrow was among the Danes each day and night they were alive. Beowulf heard that the Danes were struggling to kill this beast so he and his people set out to kill Grendel. Hrothgar accepted Beowulf’s offer and hoped he would kill the beast. One person in particular though thought Beowulf was over-rated and his name was Unferth. He thought Beowulf was overlooking Grendel’s power. According to Unferth, “You’ve been lucky in your battles, Beowulf, but I think your luck may change if you challenge Grendel, Staying a whole night through in this hall, Waiting where the fiercest of demons can find you” (24). Beowulf replied telling a…show more content…
She came into Herot one night mourning the death of her son, she was out for blood wanting to kill a Dane and so she did. She took Hrothgar’s great advisor Esher and he asked if Beowulf may go to kill Grendel’s mother. Beowulf accepted the challenge.. He took the Great sword, Hrunting, and wore Hrothgar’s helmet to protect him. This time Beowulf knew he would need protection in order to kill the beast. He jumped into the murky water to battle her. It was a long fierce battle but unfortunately Hrunting would not be able to kill the beast. Luckily he saw a huge sword hanging on the wall that has magic in it. He quickly grabbed for it and punctured the beast, killing her. Beowulf shows his bravery once again in yet winning another

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