What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish By Etfar Kert

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When people have a complicated relationship with people they love, things go the wrong path, but at the end no matter what happens you still love them. the people who have a complicated relationship. they either don’t know how to solve it or how to ask for help.these three stories have complicated relationship: what of this goldfish would you wish by Etfar Kert, without title by Diane Glancy and A visit to grandmother by In the poem without title, the father and the mother have a complicated relationship. there relation ship is husband and ifr with one daughter. The daughter loved her father tradition, she would love when her father would bring buffalo. The mother did not like that the he would bring buffalo horns. for example, “when he brought home his horns and hides, my mother said get rid of them.(39) Something similar happen to me, my mom and dad have a complicated relationship to. My mom did not like when my dad would bring in old stuff that he would buy online and my mom called it junk.My mom would tell my dad to get rid of the junk all the time.…show more content…
the goldfish was a magical fish who granted 3 wishes. sergei had already used 2 wishes and he did not want to waste the last wish because sergei did not want to let the goldfish go. the goldfish wanted to have freedom. for instance, “ the fish swishes his fish tail back and forth in the water, the way he does, sergei knows when he truly excited. The goldfish can already taste freedom.” i can relate to this because the summer that just passed i lost my best friend. i had to let her go. she was moving to oregon and i told her not to not to go, to convince her parents to stay but she could not. it was really hard for me because we have been friends since

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