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There are dozens of steakhouses throughout the State of California, but none are as memorable as Houston’s. Located in Irvine, California, Houston’s Steakhouse has been in business for over ten years, enticing customers to return again and again. Awarded high marks by restaurant review guide Zagat, Houston’s is no ordinary steakhouse. Everybody from business professionals to bustling families are drawn to the one-of-a-kind eatery. The well-known establishment not only has an exquisite setting, but also dishes out flavorsome appetizers, impressive meals, and spectacular desserts. As a result of Houston’s posh design and sophisticated appearance, the steakhouse is experiencing an uptick in demand. The eatery’s intricate structure features stone spheres that appeal to customers who crave an elegant ambiance. The tinted lighting reflects off the inky chestnut walls, imbuing Houston’s with a mysterious and exclusive vibe. The purpose of making the restaurant appear enigmatic is to set a serious atmosphere. As people engaged in professional conversations sit on the leather maroon cushions, attentive waiters focused on satisfying the customers dash across the expansive space. Due…show more content…
The mouth-watering appetizers include zesty salads and seasoned artichokes dressed in a rich remoulade sauce. With their sweet fragrances and tangy flavors, the appetizers are impossible to resist. Houston's widely-known dish, the Hawaiian Ribeye, is a tender steak that is marinated and cooked in a smokey Hawaiian sauce. One can choose from various different side dishes, such as the splendid, vividly colored broccoli, creamy potatoes, crispy broiled vegetables and finally, salt-flecked fries. Customers can decide how they want their steak prepared, whether rare or medium well. Various reviews of Houston’s note that the steak deserves its reputation for being cooked-to-perfection. Even after the heavenly meal, Houston’s blissful desserts make their way into the

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