Horse Slaughter Research Paper

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Imagine being 1200 pds and being crammed into a cattle truck to be shipped almost 48 hours. You have no food no water for 48 hours. You’re not allowed to move and the horses from the top deck of the truck sometimes fall threw and either injure or kill the horses on the bottom. The floors of these trucks become very slippery with urine, feces, sweat and blood. Horse slaughter is very inhumane. Half the things you read about on the internet are not true. There are things you can do to help end this horrible nightmare. The facts about horse slaughter are written in black and white all over the internet its deemed that horse slaughter is animal abuse. Horse slaughter is the practice of slaughtering horses to produce meat for human consumption.…show more content…
Which means horse meat is not intended for human consumption. Horse slaughter is very inhumane because of the hell the horses are put threw. Starting with being loaded into a double decker cattle truck. They are unable to keep their heads at a comfortable height due to how low the ceiling is. Loading and unloading is very scary. If the horses do not behave they use an electric cattle prod to move them on and off. Some horses can’t get up due to dehydration, being sick, or injured if this is the case then they are dragged off the truck by chains and ropes. They are the first to die. Once the horses are off the truck the horses are put into overcrowded pens and must endure the smell of the blood and gore, and the sights and sounds of other horses being killed, until it is their turn to die. Under federal law the horses are required to be uncourteous prior to slaughter. Usually this is done with a device called a captive bolt gun, which shoots a steel rod into the horse's brain. It was common in slaughter plants for horses to be improperly stunned and conscious as they were hung by their back leg and had their throats slit and bled out. In Mexico Slaughter horses are

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