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Are Knights Still Around Today? (A discussion of the code of chivalry) What do you think of when you hear the word manners? Commonly we think of well-behaved children or courteous young adults. Some examples of manners would be holding open the door, pulling chairs out, saying please and thank you, etc. But where did the notion of manners come from? It can be traced all the way back to the medieval times when kings, queens, and knights were the rulers of the land. A great example of chivalry was displayed during the time that the great uniter, King Arthur, ruled. Although the word manners wasn’t quite in their vocabulary, they called these actions the code of chivalry. The chivalric code went much beyond simply being nice and polite;…show more content…
King Arthur is sick and dying. He sends all of his knights out on a quest to find the grail. Upon finding the grail Arthur shall drink from it and be healed. Percival was one of the knights sent to find the grail. The knights searched for years, many dying in their quest. Percival was the last of the knights and was the one to find the grail and bring it back to the king. Percival honors the king by going on, and completing, this quest. “Its principal virtues were piety, honor, valor, chastity, and loyalty,” (Hutchinson Encyclopedia, 2011). From a plain definition, the understanding that honor is part of the code is huge and very apparent. Percival is one who shows honor and loyalty extremely well. He wasn’t born into a noble family with power or wealth. He was simply knighted by Arthur due to his loyalty. Percival was always doing whatever it took to help Arthur, whether it be fighting his battles for him or going on a quest that took years to find the grail in order to make the king better. Loyalty and honor are two of the traits of the chivalric code best depicted through…show more content…
These classic tales tell different stories, stories that include bravery, fighting, and honor, but not so much chivalry. The stories presented previously showed numerous different examples of how one can abide by the chivalric code. “These knights were bound by the code of chivalry – a religious, moral, and social code that covered every aspect of their lives,” (“The age of chivalry, 2004). These men lived by this code like it was the only thing that governed their lives. The men in The Iliad, The Odyssey, and The Aeneid didn’t quite abide by these rules. To start, the way women are treated in The Iliad completely goes against the code of chivalry. In The Iliad, Brysies is traded between Achilles and Agamemnon like a piece of property. She was captured against her will and taken as a prize. This goes completely against everything in the code. Women were to be treated with respect, not taken and captured. In The Odyssey the character Odysseus wasn’t good at following the chivalric code either as he would commonly lie to help him get ahead. Although there aren’t as apparent examples of women being mistreated in this story, honor it the virtue being broken. Odysseus is remembered in history for his contribution of the Trojan horse. Without out lying and deceit he never would have been able to pull off the Trojan horse and sneak his men inside the walls of the castle. Finally, in the

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